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Pedia Learning Inc. publishes The Logic of English® series of books and curriculum, which address the literacy crisis by rediscovering a common-sense approach to spelling and reading. Pedia Learning also seeks to develop and make known teaching methods that respect the learning styles of all students, making literacy accessible to auditory, kinesthetic and visual learners.

Our curriculum lines include Logic of English Essentials, Logic of English Foundations, and The Rhythm of Handwriting. Logic of English is a registered trademark of Pedia Learning, Inc.

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Pedia Learning Inc. is a company focused on improving English literacy worldwide through curriculum development, books, educational software, and training. Our products unveil the reasons for English spellings and provide educators and parents with answers to their students’ questions about why words are spelled and read in a particular manner.

Why "Pedia"?

Pedia is an Anglicized form of the Greek word paideia, which means both childhood and the rearing, training, and teaching of a child. A Greek paideia included the education of not just the mind but the whole person: intellectual, emotional, physical, relational, social and spiritual. It represented a process of education aimed at creating a whole person. We think of it as "educating the whole child."

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